A deepening friendship

In today’s gospel, Jesus and Peter eat breakfast together and then share in conversation. Jesus asks Peter if he loves him three times, and each time, Peter replies that he does love Jesus. Peter denied Jesus three times during Jesus’ Passion, and here he is given a chance to reaffirm his love and friendship. Their conversation is intimate and deepens their relationship. The simplest acts of eating a meal together and then speaking caring words help to reconcile Jesus and his friend.

We are also invited into further friendship with the Lord, through Eucharist and prayer. An action as simple as sharing a meal with others, or a few carefully chosen caring words, can also heal and lead to reconciliation with other people in our lives. How do I want to answer Jesus’ inviting question— “do you love me?”—and show that love in action today?

—Marina McCoy is an associate professor of philosophy at Boston College.





Troy Bengford