Creating your Prayer Site

Step 1

We need you to complete the attached forms to begin your site project

<<Download Initial Form>>

As you complete the form you will have questions on what each question may be asking.  Please follow the guides below to give more information

Click on topic to expand it with more details.

Basic Info

Site URL,  Site Label, Favicon
  • Site URL: (Can use subdomain:
  • Site Label:
  • Favicon – Please Submit or specify source image any size image will do, I will convert it.

New Site Info

Header Image

Header Image – Please submit as transparent .png

header image

Site Welcome Message , Social Media Links
  • Site Welcome Message:
  • Social Media Links
    • Facebook: ie.
    • Twitter:  ie.
    • Youtube: ie.
    • Other (if needed):

Site Welcome Message

Look and Feel

Please provide all Colors in Hex format #000000

Header Background Color , Divider color
  • Header Background Color:
  • Divider Color:


Background Gradient Color 1, Color 2
  • Background Gradient 1:
  • Background Gradient 2:

Page background is a gradient from top to bottom.  For solid color put same color for both.

bg gradient 1bg gradient2

Widget; Border color, background color
  • Widget Border Color:
  • Widget Background Color:

widget color

Fonts site wide name, colors, Headings (H1, H2…), Links
  • Site wide Font:
  • Site wide Font Color:
  • Site wide H1, H2… (heading) font:
  • Site wide H1, H2… (heading) font Color:
  • Site wide Link Text Color:
  • Site wide Link Text Hover Color:


Feature Area Details
  • Border Color:
  • Background Color:
  • Title Background color:
  • Title Border Color:
  • Title Font
  • Title Font Color
  • Content Area Background Color:
  • Daily Scripture Image
  • Ignatian Reflection Image
  • Ignatian Prayer Image
  • Arrow Style (Pointing UP or Down)

Feature area colors

Arrow Pointing Down Option



Default Footer

 Home | Subscribe to Daily Emails

Ignatian reflections produced in partnership with
Your School, Jesuits and Spiritual Outreach through Leadership, LLC 

Copyright © 2013 ((Your School)) ((Your mailing address))
((Phone number)) | ((School’s Main Website))


Prayer Cards

Printed Card Templates:

<<Download Template Prayer Cards>>

  • Prayer Card Logo:(Please supply)
  • Prayer Card message: Gift from ((school))


 Default Prayer Cards
  • Prayer of Anima Christi


  • First Principle and Foundation


  • Prayer for Generosity


  • Prayer of St. Ignatius


  • Litany of Jesuit Saints


Email Setup

Form Look and Feel

Our Standard Text has been provided as a starting point.  Please modify as you would like it to appear.

  • Page Header Text: Sign up to have your Daily Inspiration from <<your site>> delivered to your Email in-box
  • Form Top Copy: Please enter your name and Email address to have your Daily Inspiration from <<Site>> delivered to your in-box
  • Top and Bottom Background Color:
  • Form Border Color:
  • Top Message Font:
  • Top Message Font Color:
  • Middle Background Color
  • Middle Font:
  • Middle Font Color:
  • Field Border Color:
  • Submit Button Color:
  • Submit Button Message: Please add me to the list
  • Submit Button Font:
  • Submit Button Font Color:

Email Signup form

Daily Email Look and Feel
  • Header Logo
  • Daily Message
  • Font and Font Color

email Header

  • Share Message: Share the Good Word with your friends!
  • Footer Links (unless specified will match Site footer)
  • Physical Address

email footer

Daily Email Settings

Your email will need vitals to send out to daily readers.

  • Daily Email Subject: Daily Inspiration from <<Site>>
  • From Name:
  • From Email address:

Email Details

 Prayer Request System

Form Details
  • Header Message: Submit a Prayer Request
  • Spam Message: Help us stop spam by retyping the five digits you see below
  • Submit Button Message: Submit

submit prayer request form

Success Page Details
  • Heading: Thanks for submitting your Prayer Request
  • Message: Thank you for submitting a prayer request. Students from the <<Site>> community will dedicate intentional prayer time for your request on <<day>> in the Chapel.


Reply Method Details
  • From Email Address:   prayerrequests  @Your prayer site domain. (Not changeable)
  • From Name: The (site name) Prayer Team
  • Email Response Subject: Your (site name) Prayer Request

If Automated:

  • Automated response text:

If Personal Response:

  • Email Subject Line: <<site>> Prayer Response
  • Bottom Content below personal response:

Please know that your prayer will be remembered at Mass, and in a special way by the Jesuit priests and brothers of Colombiere Center who are missioned to pray for the Church and society.–Your Jesuit Prayer Team

To receive the daily Scripture, Reflection, and Prayer by Email, please sign up at: <a href=””></a> The Daily Ignatian Inspiration will arrive in your in-box every morning.

Or get our FREE Jesuit Prayer App <a href=”″>Apple</a>  or  <a href=””>Android</a>

Prayer Report Details

Each week a report will be sent to the organization for the prayer requests Please tell us:

  • List of email Recipients: (separate multiple with a comma)
  • Day of the week to send Report: Friday
  • Time of day to send report: 10:00 AM

Social Media

Facebook Link Details
  • Text + Image
  • 8-11-2014 4-52-27 PM
Twitter Link Details
  • Suggested: <<site URL >>
  • Remember Twitter has a strict limit on characters.  Because of the URL of the image, Please limit to 100 chars MAX.
  • 8-11-2014 5-01-14 PM

Mobile Apps

App Details

App Img

App Name:

App Icon: Please Supply

App Splash Screen:


We will create all other components of the app based on the website colors and settings for approval.

App Store Details

App store1

App Description: JesuitPrayer is your one-stop shop for Ignatian Spirituality on the go. The founder of the Jesuits, Saint Ignatius of Loyola, created the Spiritual Exercises to deepen our relationship with Christ and to move our contemplation into service. Ignatian spirituality reminds us that God pursues us in the routines of our home and work life, and in the hopes and fears of life’s challenges. In collaboration with the Magis Center for Catholic Spirituality and Loyola Press, JesuitPrayer offers daily scripture, Ignatian reflections, and prayer to anchor your day and strengthen your resolve to remember what truly matters.