Love like Jesus

A line in today’s first reading, (“…hate evil and love good, and establish justice  at the gate” (Am 5: 15) reminded me of a sign I saw in front of a church once. It said “Love em’ all, I’ll sort it out later.” I think it serves as a healthy reminder of how God calls us to act as human beings. We should work to love everyone, to embrace everyone as a child of God, and gaze upon the world with eyes of mercy, not judgement. Judgement will come from God.

How, then, do we respond to evil? How do we respond to racism, systemic injustice, war, etc.? Jesus responded to it with love. Jesus loved everyone, whether they be rich or poor, man or woman, Gentile or Jew, you name it. I think that Jesus’ in today’s Gospel calls us to “drown” in love those who seek to do harm. My prayer today is that I may love more like Jesus: judging less, caring more for the marginalized, and letting God’s love manifest itself to others through me.  

—Michael Petterson is a senior at the University of Michigan and is an active member of St. Mary Student Parish in Ann Arbor, MI.


Troy Bengford

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