Providing impactful marketing resources allows you to promote the site and grow it to the largest reach possible.

Link to Updates and Ideas for Development

Link to Stats and Feedback from users

Preprinted Prayer Cards


Below is the list of items you should do to promote your site.  Items marked with (*) are required to promote the site.

<<Access the Folder to download resources for marketing below>>


  • Website
    • Big banner ad*  (minimum of 2wks)
    • Permanent ad in content* (forever)
    • Hyperlink in footer* (forever)
  • Social Media (Automated Deployment)
    • Build Anticipation in advance *
    • Post launch explaining features*
    • Automated Daily Post* (ongoing daily post)
    • Facebook and Twitter header image* (minimum of 2 weeks)
    • Teaser videos for youtube
    • Teaser images for post / Instagram
  • Magazine Marketing

    • Ad in regular magazine *MINIUMUM of 1 issue ad.
    • Editorial Article
    • Repurpose mag tearsheet into mag article
  • Handouts and Flyers
    • For Events
    • Eg. Ordination / Province Days
    • JFAN events
    • Alumni mailings
    • Blow in in Magazine
    • Quarterly Appeal mailing
    • Special mailings
  • Live Event Marketing
    • Welcome bag items
    • Banners
    • Printed Prayer Cards
  • Email / Eblast
    • Introduction Emails * (2 initial Emails)
      • “Just announced”
      • “Have you visited yet?”
    • Teaser / Reminder Email* (every 6 months)
    • Sample Ads