Our hearts are repaired from within

With the Baptism of the Lord, the Christmas season is replete. We carry into Ordinary Time the gifts we have received. A gyroscope can be used as an image for our heart. Once spinning, the gyroscope resists attempts to change its motion. So also, it can be said of our heart – its spinning balance is willful and stubborn.

With our heart deeply stained with original sin, we can despair that any action on our part has the chance to succeed. And yet, as Jesus arises from the Jordan River, there is hope! The Trinity has entered inside our human nature. From deep within us, God can tenderly adjust our heart.

In this new year our choice of books, podcasts and videos can lend our aid to God as he syncs our heart to his mercy.

Fr. Paul Deutsch, SJ, belongs to the Central and Southern Province of the Jesuits and is Sophomore Counselor at Jesuit High School in Tampa, FL.


Troy Bengford