Recognizing the gift

Trust. It’s one of those things that can’t be proven until it’s tried. And it’s awfully hard to trust that we’ll have everything we need when it feels like we’re going without. Often it comes down to expectations. What do we expect to receive? What should we expect to receive? If Jesus gave up his unlimited nature to enter into humanity and then lost his life on the cross, are we not called to surrender even the seemingly little we have into God’s care, to trust that God will take care of us? That doesn’t mean bankrupting ourselves for others, it means recognizing all that we have as gift, so that none of it is “deserved”, but rather all of it is “received.”

What am I holding onto as if it were my own, when in fact it is God’s gift to me to steward throughout this day?

—Ken Weber is interim director of University Ministry in the Office of Mission and Ministry at Loyola University New Orleans.















Troy Bengford