Sent in spite of our imperfections

It is likely that we can all relate to Isaiah’s feelings of unworthiness.  Perhaps we receive praise at work for something we consider simply doing our jobs.  Maybe we have a friendship in which we seem to get more than we give. It could be an act of service that makes us feel that we gained more than those whom we served.  Or perhaps, like Isaiah, we feel that our broken, fragile, imperfect selves are not worthy of God’s infinite love for us.

Just as Isaiah is forgiven of his sins, we too are offered this mercy in our own lives.  Immediately after being forgiven, God calls Isaiah and Isaiah feels ready to accept his mission.  God wants to send each of us, not necessarily in the same way as the prophet Isaiah, but in a way that allows our lives to be lived out in service of God.  

If we are to be co-laborers in the vineyard of the Lord, how can we overcome our feelings of inadequacy and respond to God “Here am I; send me”?

—The Jesuit Prayer team



Troy Bengford