What gifts do you bring?

If someone asked you today to give up your daily life and follow them…would you? That’s the question that always draws me in first with this reading.  The request feels overwhelming and impossible to imagine. “Would I leave everything behind for this?”

Another question follows.  “Am I someone who would even be invited?”  

As I reflect on times in my life when I was surprised to have been asked to be a part of something, I realize that other people in my life have seen gifts in me that I don’t always recognize or value.  Jesus saw promise in these fishermen and they were ready to follow him. They were ready to use their gifts in the service of this intriguing mission Jesus had laid out for them.

You have been invited too.  What gifts do you bring?

—Kay Gregg is the Assistant Department Chair of Campus Ministry at Loyola Academy in Wilmette, IL.



Troy Bengford